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excels in providing our clients with Real Time Data Solutions and Talent Acquisition, Talent Management & Development, and End to End Staffing Solution.

We are a real-world solution for automating our client's businesses to maximize return on investment.

About Us

Team SLI understand the talent acquisition challenges faced by businesses today. We formulate our strategy to provide cost effective solutions to address the complexities that come with high-volume hiring, hard-to-fill positions and managing talent acquisition across numerous and distinct levels and sectors. Our goals go far beyond just meeting client SLAs. With a vision to make SLI a dynamic organization focusing on Human Resource Development through specialized and high- end services across Industry verticals, SLI has grown its capability to provide efficient and committed services to our clients across a wide portfolio of services.We have a team of highly trained professionals from the Human Resource background with expertise in Talent Development, Recruitment & staffing solutions, Organizational Development and HR Operations support. We aim to increase hiring speed, candidate access and talent quality by outsourcing your entire recruiting and hiring process. Importantly, we are not in business of delivering lifetime employment but that of lifetime employability with the people and brands associated with SLI.

Our Team constantly innovating themselves to keep up with the changing environment. Our focus remains on the critical pain areas of our partners including decreasing premium labours, finding the right cultural fit and increasing employee retention. SLI is continually improving by investing in technology enabled platforms to boost talent & networking.


Smart Levo Innovation is committed to provide Realtime data solution to our Clients and with a Team of young and dynamic people.

We are an expert team that supports companies worldwide in exceeding their sales targets. Even while we are not the only data sellers, our superior service makes us stand out. Our goal is to offer thoroughly vetted and clean contact lists.

SLI takes complete ownership of the client's satisfaction with playing 80/20 rule in (ROI) return on investment whereas 20 percent of a group is responsible for 80 percent of the return.

A key distinction between SLI and its rivals has been the availability of day-and-night services with 365-day support.

Vision & Mission

Our Mission:

Our goal is to offer our clients the most cutting-edge, creative, and economical business services possible. We deliver more than we commit to, and we do it correctly the first time. Our objective is to establish ourselves as a leading consulting firm with a global presence. Our success is based on the value we offer clients, the caliber of individuals we select, and the tenacity and enthusiasm of the company. We uphold our core values because they contribute to defining our company's identity and creating its culture. They guide our choices, interactions with clients, and relationships with others. Our personnel internalize, live out, and apply our values in the workplace.

Our Vision:

To provide corporate services that are among the most futuristic, values-based, and people-focused in the world. The biggest business issues for our clients can, in our opinion, be solved by chemistry.

Our Core Values:

Integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, accountability, dedication to the needs of the client, zeal, humanity, ongoing development, ownership, and diversity

We believe

  • 01Growth is linked to that of our clients
  • 02Our focus is to get the best results for our clients
  • 03In a strong value system with integrity in all our transactions
  • 04Delivering results that are consistent with our commitments
  • 05In going the extra mile and being a value addition in every relationship

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